USB Mini HD Camera LED Light Pen. For Ear & Throat. Windows PC & Android Mobile Device

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Multi-functional USB Mini HD Video Camera

Light Pen For Ear / Throat Care




  • Connection: USB for Windows PC, Android Mobile device with OTG function
  • Take Video and Photos utilizing the software.
  • Lens: 5.5mm  (approx 0.22 Inches) Pixel: 0.3MP
  • Focus distance: 1.5cm (approx 0.6 Inches) Ear Pick
  • Material: Metal
  • Metal Pen Length: Approx. 15cm (approx 5.9 Inches)
  • Wire Length: 120cm (approx 47 Inches)
  • Colour: Black/Silver 
  • NOT compatible with MAC OS or iPhone


Package Includes


1 x Pen Camera , 2 x Ear picks , 3 x Dust Covers, 1 x Software CD, 1 x User Manual

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This multi-functional electronic micro-camera can achieve real-time observation of the ear canal through the USB data cable. Its ultra small lens with HD pixels provides a clear view with easy access to the ear canal. The 6 piece LED lamp is super bright for using in darkness and is extremely safe when used with caution. The USB mini HD visual camera pen is suitable for daily cleaning care and ear disease patients can also observe the ear canal.

Please consult with your medical adviser when using under these circumstances. The 5.5mm lens can provide easy access to almost all of the ear canal, when used with caution. Its special focus and ultra small distance allows clearer visibility This multi-functional electronic micro camera can also be used to check mouth, gums, throat, nasal cavity, and other body parts. In addition it can be used to read small text on packaging etc.

Video can also be viewed on Android mobile devices (OTG connection fuctionallity required) with external camera function.

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